Saturday, April 11, 2009

Celebrating 11 years!!

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. Wow! I can't believe how time flies!
I can't believe how young we look! We actually got married on the Saturday before Easter in 1998 and I think this is the first year since that it falls on the same weekend again. At least in recent years anyway. We have Grandma Joanie coming over to stay with the kids this evening and we are off to The Melting Pot for dinner. We haven't been there before, so we are looking forward to a nice quiet evening away. My mom offered to have them spend the night out at her house, but I was afraid it would get to complicated with the Easter Bunny coming in the morning!

Oh, and I won a ten dollar gift certificate to Cornish Heritage Farms in their monthly online referral program for linking this card back to their website. Yeah!! It's shaping up to be a pretty good day!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Cute couple :). It is hard to believe it has been 11 years - weren't we just celebrating your 10th? I'm already looking forward to the 20 year cruise :). Happy Anniversary!!!